School Services

School Services

St. John Paul II

The City of Grande Prairie is providing charter transit service to the new St. John Paul II Catholic School in Arbour Hills until further notice.

Why are we offering this service?

The City of Grande Prairie and the Grande Prairie Catholic School District have determined that a pilot-project, charter bus route to St. John Paul II is the best way to measure interest in transit service to the new school.

Where does it go?

The route will start at St. Joseph Catholic High School in the morning and run up 108 Street to Royal Oaks. It will then make eight stops to pick up students in Royal Oaks before proceeding to St. John Paul II. In the afternoon, the bus will leave the school and stop at the same eight stops in the same order as the morning on the way to St. Joseph.
  • Maps of the AM and PM runs can be viewed below.
  • Please note that not all stops have bus stop signs or benches.

How can I track the bus?

The St. John Paul II charter bus will be fully visible on our Where’s My Ride bus tracker. Visit on your desktop or mobile device to access the tracker.


Route Maps


1. St Joes High School (68th Ave bus stop)7:53 AM
2. 104A St-130 Ave8:04 AM
3. 104 St-128 Ave8:05 AM
4. 105St-125Ave8:06 AM
5. 106St-125Ave8:07 AM
6. 124Ave-107ASt8:08 AM
7. 107St-Royal Oaks Dr8:09 AM
8. Royal Oaks Dr-105St8:10 AM
9. Royal Oaks Dr-103B St8:11 AM
10. JP II High School8:18 AM
11. St Joes High School (68th Bus Stop)8:33 AM



1. St Joes High School (68th Ave bus stop)3:30 PM
2. St John Paul II School3:45 PM
3. 104A St-130 Ave3:48 PM
4. 104 St-128 Ave3:49 PM
5. 105St-125Ave3:51 PM
6. 106St-125Ave3:52 PM
7. 124Ave-107ASt3:53 PM
8. 107St-RoyalOaks Dr3:54 PM
9. Royal Oaks Dr-105St3:55 PM
10. Royal Oaks Dr-103B St3:56 PM
11. St Joes High School (68th Bus Stop)4:11 PM