Community Orchards

Fresh Fruit at Your Fingertips 

About Community Orchards 

The Edible Landscapes initiative aims to provide sustainable and accessible community food sources while enhancing neighbourhood parks.

The City of Grande Prairie’s first community orchards were planted in 2015, with more added in the following years. Several different types of fruit-bearing plants are located in orchards across the city and are ready to harvest at various times throughout the season.

These green spaces entice neighbours outdoors on a regular basis, where they build friendships and community ties.


Find Your Neighbourhood Orchard

Visit the City of Grande Prairie’s interactive map below for more information on orchard locations, available fruits, harvest times and best uses for your harvest. Only orchards and landscapes bearing fruit are shown on this map. Young or non-bearing orchards will be added as they begin to bear fruit reliably. Due to the fragile nature of our trees and their young age, we ask that residents treat them with care and respect when harvesting.

Please be considerate of your neighbours. Share and take only what you need from these free community orchards. 

Find Community Orchards Near You

What Are We Growing?

The last twenty years has seen cold hardy fruit explode onto the Prairies.  The city strives to plant crops that are edible fresh right off the bush/tree. Check out the sections below to see what we grow in our orchards right now and when to harvest it!