Grande Prairie Activity & Reception Centre

Welcome to the Grande Prairie Activity & Reception Centre

The Activity & Reception Centre in the Smith subdivision provides inclusive, affordable, accessible recreation opportunities for all members of the community and can serve as an emergency reception centre. This facility hosts a variety of drop-in activities to serve many recreational and leisure needs, and offers a small meeting room for community rentals. 

Activity & Reception Centre visitors are asked to please note the following:

  • Clean indoor running shoes are required for all activities within the facility.
  • Children ages 9 and under must have a responsible guardian of 16 years of age or older in the facility.
  • The teen/youth drop-in time is designated for participants ages 10 to 17.
  • Children ages six to nine are also welcome to attend the CN sponsored drop-in times with parent supervision.

Address: 9401 Park Road (directly south of Rotary soccer fields)