Bear Creek Dam Structure Maintenance

Bear Creek Dam Structure Maintenance


Last summer the City began maintenance and safety upgrades to the Bear Creek Dam Control Structure and nearby land located in Muskoseepi Park. 

The City of Grande Prairie is required to undertake routine inspections and maintenance to keep the structure in good working condition.

The Bear Creek Control Structure includes the concrete spillway and the earthen dam. The current structure was originally built in the 1970s and requires more extensive maintenance and upgrades due to its age and current condition to restore functionality to the spillway and ensure the dam continues to be safe for years to come.

The City highly values our community's trees, especially mature ones. The work planned requires the City to remove trees and vegetation growing adjacent to the dam structure. The current location of the trees and vegetation allows root systems to grow in a location which can result in internal erosion and altered water flows. All efforts have been made to limit the number of trees and vegetation required to be removed.

Project Details