Municipal Census

Municipal Census

The Government of Alberta has moved from the use of municipal census counts to provincially developed population estimates. This came into effect for the 2021 grant year and is based on a standard methodology used in other jurisdictions. Municipal population estimates will be completed by the Office of Statistics and Information (OSI), Alberta Treasury Board and Finance and will be used to support decisions that impact funding/grant allocations, program planning and decision making as well as provide validation of the federal census count.

Population projections for Alberta and each of its 19 census divisions follow a standard demographic approach in which the assumptions reflect historical trends of fertility, mortality and migration and are generated using the cohort component method. This method is used to project the expected growth, size and age/sex characteristics of a population.

Under this new methodology, the province will no longer utilize municipal census counts for provincial funding purposes.

The Regional Dashboard for Grande Prairie can be used to access the most up-to-date census data for the City of Grande Prairie.

Your responses to the census are used in a variety of ways, such as to:

  • Collect grant dollars for programs and services in the City of Grande Prairie
  • Attract new business opportunities
  • Provide a snapshot of the diverse community that Grande Prairie supports

Provincial & Federal Data:

Alberta Finance also publishes weekly economic reviews which contain economic commentary and statistics on the:

  • Overall economy
  • Labour market
  • Price indices
  • Household sector and business sector in Alberta
  • Economic indicators for that week

Statistics Canada created a Grande Prairie community profile based on the 2011 Federal Census results. 2016 Federal Census information is being released in batches as shown on this page.

Census Population

Population of Grande Prairie

The City of Grande Prairie has seen tremendous growth over the past ten years as our economy has prospered from the wealth of natural resources in the region.

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