Neighbourhood Entrance Feature package

Neighbourhood Entrance Feature package

Developers wanting to construct low maintenance neighbourhood entrance features on public land require city approval. High maintenance entrance features are not permitted on public land. Refer to Policy 611 Neighbourhood Entrance Features on Public Lands for more details.

Fees and Timelines

Neighbourhood Entrance Feature fees are set by Policy 611 and Procedure 611-1.

Applications can take up to 2 to 3 months to process. More complex proposals may take longer.

Submission Information

Complete applications may be submitted electronically to

Before submitting an application, the applicant should meet with a Planner to discuss their proposal. Please arrange a meeting by calling 780-538-0325 or emailing


If you have questions about the application form or the application process, please contact a Planner at 780-538-0325 or

Department: Planning and Development
Category: Building, Development and Construction