Fireworks Permit to Purchase and Possess

Fireworks Permit to Purchase and Possess

NOTE: This permit is issued by the City of Grande Prairie Fire Department under its jurisdiction within the boundaries of the City of Grande Prairie. Should any person desire to purchase fireworks outside of the City of Grande Prairie, a permit must be obtained from the municipality involved to purchase and/or display.

Fees and Timelines

This permit is valid for the purchase, possession, and display of 1 fireworks event. $40.00 (No GST).

Each additional display is $20.00.

Application Requirements

  1. Customers are required to be 18 years of age. Must provide proof.
  2. Customers require the permit to purchase fireworks and/or display fireworks in the City of Grande Prairie.
  3. If displaying in a City Park, a Park Use Permit must be obtained prior to display:
    • Proof of Liability Insurance required (minimum 2 million dollars liability insurance).
    • Must fill out a Park Use Permit request form and get approval from the Sports Development, Wellness and Culture department.
    • If approved, the applicant will need to bring the permit to the Fire Department for approval by the Platoon Chief or Fire Prevention.
  4. If displaying at a private address:
    • Must be the property owner or have written permission from the property owner.
    • Must meet the distance requirements (1 hectare/2.5 acres or greater, and 50 m away from the property line).
  5. Fireworks must not be discharged: (*see page 2 of attachment for full details of Alberta Fire Code B 5.7)
    • Within 10 meters of any building, or 200 meters of any flammable or combustible liquids storage, or 250 meters of any correctional institute, nursing home, or hospital.
    • If the wind exceeds 45 km/h.
    • From on or over public lands or forests without written permission.
  6. Should a Safety Codes Officer order a halt to the display for safety reasons, the individual will immediately comply.
  7. The individual must contact the local fire department for permission if display is not within the City of Grande Prairie.
  8. All requirements in the 2014 Alberta Fire Code Division B 5.7 will be adhered to. (See page 2 of attachment).

Submission Information

Fireworks Permit can only be purchased in person at the Pete Eagar Fire Hall at 8111 Resources Road.


Any inquires can be directed to Fire Admin at 780-830-7443 or


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