Park Space & Urban Forestry

Park Space & Urban Forestry


Grande Prairie is home to over 150 parks that provide residents a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities and beautiful scenery throughout the community. 

Our tree population is also one of the many assets that make Grande Prairie a wonderful place to live. We give them the best opportunity to thrive by choosing the right tree for each location and providing basic care. Parks staff maintain 25,000 trees, 484 shrub beds and 96 flower beds on public lands across the city.

Benefits of Our Urban Forest

An urban forest includes all the vegetation growing in a city, public or private, trees, shrubs, even perennials and groundcovers.  They all combine to make up the urban ecosystem. It is often difficult to assess the true value of an urban forest. Monetary value can be calculated based on models of an average neighbourhood; however, these measurements only express a part of an urban forest's true value. There are many intangible benefits of a healthy urban forest.