Fire Works and Pyrotechnics Special Effects

Fire Works and Pyrotechnics Special Effects

Fire Works and Pyrotechnics Special Effects

Fireworks are regulated by Natural Resources Canada, the Explosives Act, the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and the Alberta Fire Code. The Alberta Fire Code applies to the sale and discharge of fireworks and pyrotechnic devices.

The City of Grande Prairie requires a permit for:

  • Selling consumer fireworks at commercial outlets ($150.00)
  • Purchasing consumer fireworks at a commercial outlet ($40.00)
  • Possession of consumer fireworks
  • Display of consumer fireworks ($20.00). A Park Use Permit is also required because designated City parks are the only allowable areas for display.


  1. Must be over eighteen years of age to display.
  2. Parks Use Permit required prior to display. (2 million dollars liability insurance is required) on City land.
  3. Fireworks are allowed to be displayed on private lands 1 hectare/ 2.5 acres or greater in area and must be 50 meters from the property line.
  4. No fireworks discharge within 10 meters of any building, or 200 meters of any flammable or combustible liquids storage, or 250 meters of any correctional institute, nursing home, or hospital.
  5. No fireworks discharge if the wind exceeds 45 km/h.
  6. No fireworks discharge on or over public lands or forests without written permission.
  7. Contact the local fire department for permission if the display is not within the City of Grande Prairie
  8. No person shall discharge, fire or set off fireworks
    • in a place or in a manner that creates a danger or constitutes a nuisance to any person or property,
    • on a highway, road allowance, public beach or park unless they first obtain written permission from the fire department,
    • on privately owned land unless they 1. obtain the written consent of the owner or occupant of that land and the owner or occupant of neighbouring land on which debris might reasonably be expected to fall, and 2. provide a copy of the consent required in sub-clause (c)(i) to the fire department,
  9. No person shall discharge, fire or set off fireworks in a building or place
  10. No person shall discharge, fire or set off fireworks within 10 m of any building, tent, trailer, canvas shelter or motor vehicle, within 200 m of any place where explosives or flammable liquids or combustible liquids or substances are manufactured or stored, within 250 m of a correctional institution as defined in the Corrections Act, a facility as defined in the Mental Health Act, a nursing home within the meaning of the Nursing Homes Act, a social care facility as defined in the Social Care Facilities Licensing Act, a hospital as defined in the Hospitals Act, an educational institution or a church, unless acceptable to the fire department.