Service Area

The Procurement Department of the City of Grande Prairie is responsible for the procurement of goods, services and construction for all City departments as a centralized service.

We foster a culture of best value through an inclusive procurement process. Governed by the trade agreements, we provide strategic services to internal and external stakeholders.

Acting as the City’s Agent with delegated authority to procure goods and services, Procurement is the primary resource for city staff to obtain their individual departmental needs using an effective and compliant process. We engage the bidding community to create an inclusive process.

We are the primary resource for all staff to obtain their departmental needs using an effective and compliant process.

Our commitment is to provide the necessary resources, education and training. This includes embedding emissaries within the departments when needed.

By engaging the bidding community we are creating an inclusive process through:

  • Management of bidding process from scope to contract
  • Strategic continuous improvement
  • Vendor performance evaluation and development
  • Collaboration with other public agencies
  • Effective disposal methods of surplus assets