Inspection Services

Inspection Services

Who We Are and What We Do

We are part of the City of Grande Prairie’s Infrastructure and Protective Services Area. We make sure that all construction and renovation work (both commercial and residential) meets Alberta regulations. If you decide to build or expand or renovate a property, it is our job to check the work to ensure that it is safe, and that it meets all the relevant federal and provincial laws.

Where We Are Located

We are located at the Service Centre, 9505 - 112 Street, Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Who We Serve

We serve the City of Grande Prairie Alberta, Canada.

Your Responsibility

By law, you have to obtain a permit before beginning most kinds of construction. This can include anything from a new office building, shop, single-family dwelling, deck, shed, hot tub and everything in between. You may also require a permit for electrical, plumbing, gas and heating.

Talk to us First

Unsure if you need a permit? Please talk to us first. We will tell you whether you need a permit, and how you can obtain one. That's our job. It is easy to obtain a permit – you can obtain permit applications online. Alternatively to that, you can call us at 780-538-0421, we'd love to answer your questions.