Disaster Services

Disaster Services

What We Do

Disaster Services involves preparing for and responding to major emergencies and disasters that may impact residents of Grande Prairie.

Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership

The City of Grande Prairie has joined forces with other local municipalities and is proud to be a member of the Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership. The Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership (also called GPREP) provides coordination, leadership, training, and expertise in relation to preparing for and responding to major emergencies and disasters.

Partnering Municipalities include:

  • County of Grande Prairie
  • Town of Beaverlodge
  • Town of Wembley
  • Town of Sexsmith
  • Village of Hythe

GPREP Emergency Plan

The purpose of the GPREP Emergency Plan is to provide a framework to effectively respond to large scale emergencies and disasters. It outlines how we work together.

Highlights of the Plan

  • Has a regional focus, enabling all 6 municipal partners to work together.
    The plan is what is called an All-Hazards Plan. This means it is a comprehensive plan that can be used for any type of disaster.
  • It is based on the Incident Command System (ICS). This system supports a coordinated multi-agency response.
  • Identifies processes to address the needs of evacuees during a large scale event (ie. reception centre).
  • The plan is tested and practised regularly. Training is provided for responders.

Your Role In Preparing for Emergencies

When disaster strikes, there is often little time to act. Taking precautions now will help you and your family deal with emergency situations. Know the risks, make a plan, and have a kit. Then make sure everyone in your household knows what to do.

Learn about how to make your Emergency Plan on the Government of Canada's website.

Emergency Plan

Learn about Emergency kits and the basic supplies you need to survive for 72 hours on the Government of Canada's website.

72 Hour Emergency Kit

View the Government of Canada's guide for people with disabilities and special needs for information on emergency preparedness.

People with Disabilities and Special Needs