Traffic & Parking Enforcement

Traffic & Parking Enforcement

This section provides information on parking regulations and traffic safety, which are overseen by the City's Bylaw officers. These officers are responsible for addressing traffic and parking concerns and enforcing the Traffic Safety Act.

Explore the sections below for details on topics like barricade applications, automated traffic enforcement, and residential permit parking, and discover how our traffic safety plan promotes a secure environment for all road users.


Below, you will find key information about our parking policies, including how to apply for barricades, which parking areas are prohibited, guidelines for dealing with abandoned vehicles, and details about residential permit parking. Expand the sections below to learn more about each topic and ensure you are in compliance with city regulations.

Traffic Safety Plan

Grande Prairie Enforcement Services (GPES) is committed to road safety through the development of a viable Traffic Safety Plan.  This plan will focus on education, commercial vehicle inspections, vehicle defects, and general traffic enforcement, both moving and non-moving.

Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE)

ATE compliments but does not replace the need for traditional uniformed traffic enforcement. Global Traffic Limited is the ATE contractor for the City of Grande Prairie.

Map of ATE Zones & Site Justifications

Grande Prairie 2023 ATE Annual Traffic Report

FAQ about Photo Enforcement Tickets

Winter Season Driving Safety

Enforcement Services encourages motorists to pay special attention to driving in winter conditions.