Youth Engagement Awards

Youth Engagement Awards

The Grande Prairie Youth Engagement Awards (GP YEA!) are presented annually to businesses, schools and community agencies that illustrate the valuable role community plays in positive youth development in Grande Prairie

Award Categories

There are four categories for the Youth Engagement Awards: 

Youth Employer of Choice

  • Recognizes an Employer (a business or organization) that hires youth and young adults, and consistently shows that they value their youth employees.
  • Employer promotes a healthy and safe work environment.
  • Employer provides support, training, recognition, and leadership for all employees. 
  • Operates within the City of Grande Prairie.

Community Engagement Award

  • Recognizes a youth-serving community organization that promotes positive youth culture.  This could be a youth group, youth agency, sports association, cultural association, secondary school, or post-secondary institute.
  • The organization offers educational, recreational, social, cultural, leadership, supportive, and/or healthy living programs or services for teens and young adults.
  • Operates within the City of Grande Prairie. 

Youth Friendly Business Award

  • Recognizes a business or service that values youth as a customer or client.
  • Business welcomes, respects, and appreciates youth as customers or clients.
  • Operates within the City of Grande Prairie.

Youth Mentor of Choice

  • Recognizes an individual dedicated to mentoring youth in the community.
  • Mentor embraces positive, safe, and healthy connections with teens and young adults.
  • Mentor creates a welcoming and inclusive space or service for youth.
  • Operates within the City of Grande Prairie.

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