Who are the members this term?

YAC Members are usually appointed by November.

The 2022-2033 members are: Anella Rueda, Chloe Watson, Daisy Nellis, Grace Larson, Janee Chamberlain, Jason D’Souza, Julia Izuogu, and Nabeel Malik.

How do I contact YAC?

YAC can be reached by e-mail at youth@cityofgp.com.

Is YAC on social media?

Yes!  YAC currently uses Facebook (www.facebook.com/gpyouthcouncil) and Instagram (@gpyouthadvisorycouncil).

What does YAC do in a year?

YAC members are appointed in October-November and complete an orientation.  A minimum of 4 meetings are required each year, and some councils may decide to meet monthly.  In the new year, YAC attend community events, tours city facilities, and begins discussing Youth Week in May.  Recruitment for the next YAC term is an important last step to ensure youth in Grande Prairie know they can apply to join, too.

How long is a term, and can youth serve more than one term?

Absolutely!  YAC members are appointed for a one-year term, from October until June, with select events in the summer factoring in work schedules.  Youth can apply (and re-apply!) to YAC until they are 24 years old, or until their school or work takes them away from the city.

Can I attend a meeting just to see what it’s about?

Yes! All youth are always welcome at YAC meetings. E-mail or call to find out when and where the next meeting will be. Guests who wish to present to YAC or propose a topic should contact youth@cityofgp.com to be considered for time on the agenda.

Why is YAC important?

YAC members are active and engaged citizens who collaborate with City Council, city boards, committees, and local organizations to learn and share their youth perspectives. Including youth insight is an important piece of our strong and vibrant community.