Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Creating a community where we want to live, learn, work and play

Areas of Focus

Fierce Community PrideActive LifestyleSafety

What We Are Doing

Projects & Initiatives


Progress (as of November 2022)  %

Covered Outdoor Spaces

Create a standard design in alignment with the Recreation & Culture Study.


Develop & Execute Community Seasonal Events

Offer a variety of festivals and events each year. Plan 2023 and future event calendar for City organized and partnered events.


Recreation & Culture Strategy

Develop the framework and specific actions to ensure the effective delivery and support of recreation and culture services.


Neighbourhood Amenities: 2022 Projects

Amenities include a wide range of elements from buildings, hardscapes (i.e. basketball courts), structures (i.e. covered outdoor spaces, playgrounds), to softscapes (i.e. dog parks). This program will evaluate existing and identify new Amenities for the future.


Bike Park at Crystal Lake: Construction

New bike skills park with different elements, natural and engineered, for beginner to advanced riders.


Review & Assess the Current State of Policing in the Community


Review and assess the current state of policing and enforcement services in the City of Grande Prairie.



Winter City StrategyEnhance Winter activities and planned events for the Community.30%

What's Next

Livable Neighbourhood: Land Use PoliciesSection 6 of the Municipal Development Plan directly addresses livable neighbourhoods. This item will be addressed through the MDP review unless more urgent action is necessary.
Outdoor Space EnhancementIdentify & implement new opportunities for outdoor spaces that provide multi-use and multi-season options like covered structures.