Innovative Efficiencies & Economic Readiness

Innovative Efficiencies & Economic Readiness

A strong team and local economy enables a sustainable high quality of life

Areas of Focus

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What We Are Doing

Projects & Initiatives


Progress (as of July 2022) %

Stormwater Utility Model: Options

Research, development and implementation of an alternative stormwater utility model.


Alternate Revenue Generating: Research

Research alternate revenue generation opportunities across all current programs and services, and research new revenue sources.


Corporate Asset Maturity Strategy

Advancing the Asset Management maturity of the organization through the design and implementation of strategies that support increased competency in the areas of Policy & Governance, People and Leadership, Data and Information, Planning and Decision Making and Contribution to Asset Management Practice.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Implementation of the ERP solution corporate wide to modernize existing legacy systems.  Initial implementation to target Finance, HR, and Procurement.


Benefit Driven Procurement

Analyze and assess the benefits and impacts of Benefit Driven Procurement.


Beautification and Entrance Landscaping

Evaluate existing beautification programs such as annual flower and tree installations to determine efficacy of focus areas, and to determine what Parks-related improvements can be accomplished for entrance features, including organic rehabilitation.


Business incentive: Assessment/Options

Analyze existing incentives and explore additional incentive options.


Comparative Energy: Study Review

Review and analyze study and prepare options for Council consideration.


Hughes Lake Servicing Strategy

Assess and evaluate options for Hughes Lake and elsewhere, for Council consideration.


Labour Market Study: Recommendations

In partnership with the GP Chamber of commerce and regional partners, complete a Labour Market Analysis and present options for Council consideration.


New Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP)

Negotiate and update the jointly adopted Intermunicipal Development Plan.


What's Next

Projects & InitiativesDescription
Sport TourismDevelop a business case for an enhancement of sport tourism.
Municipal Development PlanInitiate the Municipal Development Plan Review.
Bear Creek Corridor: Slope Stability StudyProfessional assessment of geo hazards, storm outfalls and setbacks to mitigate risks associated to the corridor.
Cyber Security StrategyUpgrade existing network intrusion solutions and enhance infrastructure security.
Road Structure ReviewComprehensive review and assessment of pavement structure to obtain options to improve performance.