Inclusive & Caring Community

Inclusive & Caring Community

A community that includes all people and serves all people

Areas of Focus

HousingYouth to SeniorsMulticultural

What We Are Doing

Projects & Initiatives


Progress (as of July 2022) %

Transit Redesign: Implementation

Total redesign of transit routes and introduction of On Demand service.


Affordable Housing Action Plan

Assess actions from the affordable housing action plan.


Advance Coordinated Care Campus Project

Complete renovations to advance entire project.


Coordinated Care Campus / Permanent Supportive Housing Project

Continue to provide permanent supporting housing and support services to vulnerable populations.


Public Security Unit

The public security unit will provide 24/7 dedicated security and enforcement to areas of the City requiring enhanced visibility, patrol and/or enforcement.


What's Next

Projects and InitiativesDescription
Truth & Reconciliation: ReportComplete a framework for initiatives based on the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action.
Coordinated System of CareCreate a strategy and action plan to develop a coordinated system of care involving health, social supports and justice.