Running for Mayor or Council

Running for Mayor or Council


Here is what you need to know.


Onboarding, Orientation and Training 

Following Election Day, all Elected Officials are required to attend mandatory Onboarding, Orientation and Training sessions.

Additional Information

The role of elected officials is to lead. Elected Officials determine the long-term goals and priorities of their municipality. Doing this effectively takes skill and an understanding of how to separate the day-to-day from the big picture.  Below are a few examples of priorities and planning determined by elected officials (Council) throughout an Election term.

Capital and Operational Planning

The City of Grande Prairie administration works diligently every year in creating budgets. 

Financial planning and management is key to supporting a healthy municipality that can ensure that its current and future service commitments are funded in a sustainable manner.

For the City's current Capital and Operating Budget for 2019 - 2021 click here.

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